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Subject: New updates coming soon...
Posted By: FusionPHP
Date: 01-08-2004 15:34
Great news fusion php'er's. We are developing the final version of fusion php news and it shall be released shortly. We would like to throw a special thank you out to David, you know who you are.

Thank you very much for your support. It is very much appreciated and please feel free to help out whenever you can.

Thanks again.

Happy new years to all, and we hope you keep your new years resolutions!
Subject: Welcome To FusionPHP!
Posted By: FusionPHP
Date: 10-19-2003 16:51
FusionPHP is a website devoted to PHP scripting.

We offer paid, custom scripts, and free php scripts, although the freeware scripts do display a small advertising link. Our scripts are extremely efficient and cost effective. We call our scripts FusionPHP because we take scripting to the extreme.

Free PHP Scripts

Fusion Topsites 1.0 - free php topsite script
Fusion News 1.0 Beta - free php news script
Fusion Tags 1.0 - free php tags script
Fusion UsersOnline 1.0 - free php users online script
Fusion Downloads 1.0 Beta - free php anti-leech script
Fusion Polls 1.0 - free php voting poll script

We have 6 scripts (FREE) released so far. More To Come Soon. :)
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