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Fusion Downloads 1.0


1. Upload all the files into a directory called "downloads" in your main folder.
- Example:

2. CHMOD all files in the /templates directory to 666.

3. CHMOD /templates directory to 777.

4. CHMOD /admin/backup/ directory to 777.

5. CHMOD /includes/settings.php to 666.

6. CHMOD /includes/globals.php to 666.

7. CHMOD /includes directory to 777.

8. CHMOD /valid_referers.txt to 666

9. Go to

10. Delete install.php immediately once done installing.

11. Go to the admin directory login with the default password of "password".

12. Read the help/manual, it should say that you are a new user when you sign in, and to read it.

13. Try out what it says in order of where it is linked, after you have read and tried the whole thing, you should be set.

14. Dont' Forget to change your password.

15. Good Luck~!