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Fusion News 1.0 Beta

Fusion News is a popular news mangagement PHP script for websites. Most commonly used across any websites at the moment. The fastest, most powerful, news managment script out there. It allows you to post updates,news,....etc on your site(to see an example go to our front page). It is easy to use and customize because of the use of an online administrator panel, templates and skins.

- Very fast new database engine. - Posts and Comments system support BBcode, HTML, and smilies. (all optional) - Javascript shortcuts. - Full news, Comments, Send To Friend can open in pop-up windows (optional). - No need for SQL databases, everything is done through text files. - Easy set up. It takes less then a minute. - Brand new kind of Installer, it installs and chmods all of the files.(if PHP isn't running in safe_mode) - Optional full story link - Optional comment feature - Optional send to a friend link. - Optional icon feature. - Online Admin/Control Panel. (more secure then ever) - Sessions are used now, instead of Cookies. - Archive old news by month. - Full news is optional. - After posting news or comments you can still edit them (if you have the rights to do so) - Add/make your own skins for the Control Panel. - No news building. Once you post news, the news automatically appears on your site. - Unlimited Users. - 3 user levels. - A wordfilter to filter bad words, in News or in comments, or in both.(optional) - You can now search old news (posts). - Time-off set feature - Ban Ip's from posting Comments on your site. - Password protected Username in comments. - You can set the limit of words in the comment text field. Example: - Image uploading. you can include upto 10 images in your posts. You can set which files can be upload, and the max size of the upload. - Smilies upload/change/delete. You can upload your own smilies, and change the current ones, and even delete smilies. - A brand new plugin feature to enhance your Fusion News even more. - Improved Help/update section. - Post Per Day: this will allow you to post news under one Date headline. (Optional) - A Great addition to any site that makes it more interactive
- Nice, Fast, Easy, Install

- Fusion News 1.0 Demo

Additional Info:
- Fusion News 1.0 is a free script and is powered by advertisement popups. The popups change constantly. Editing or removing any part of Fusion News is against it's freeware license and a infringement on Copyrights.
- This version is beta, It means it has bugs that have not been fixed yet. If you encounter a bug, please contact us and let us know how and where.
- Should be out of beta testing soon. Please check back daily for updates.
- Your support and donations are always appreciated.
- We apoligize for the popups, we have no better ideas on how to pay for support and bandwidth other than that. If you donate, please let us know, we can send you a popup free version out of respect and gratitude. Thanks for your support. -

- Fusion News 1.0
- 8075 Downloads So Far

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