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Fusion Polls 1.0


1. Upload all the files into a directory called "polls" in your main folder.
- Example:

2. Chmod Config.php to 666.

3. Go to the admin directory.
- Example:

4. Follow those directions.

**Note: It is a good idead to rename the "admin" directory to something else that only you know, this is an extra good preventative measure.

Administration Panel

1. Once installed, you can do many things.

2. Everything is pretty self explanitory so I leave it to you to figure it out.

Display Booth

1. This is the code you will need to include to display your booth if it's different from the code provided.

<?php require '/path/to/poll/booth.php';
random_booth(); ?>

<?php require '/path/to/poll/booth.php';
newest_booth(); ?>


If you have any problems with installation or discover any bugs, please email us. Do not bother contacting us if you have modified the script in any way. Visit our tech support forums if you have any additional problems or for faster results.