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Fusion Tags 1.0


1. Upload all the files(except this one) into a directory called "tags" in your main folder.
- Example:

2. CHMOD Badwords.txt, Bannedips.php, Config.php & Posts.dat to 666.

3. Go to the Admin directory through your browser.
- Example:

4. Follow the steps on that page.

**Note: If you choose not to change the default password to something other than "Password", then the admin section will be open to everyone.
- It is advised to change the password to something unique.
- You must also delete the install file once you are done. If you don't, it's a huge security risk.

Administration Panel


2. Once logged in you can change a few tags settings, edit templates, add word replacements and delete posts submitted to tags.

3. A cool new feature is that you can also generate an iframe code for tags.

Additional Features

For use of Tags as a comments script, follow these simple directions:

1. Target the iframe with a link with the unique id of the content.
- Example: <a href="/tags/tags.php?id=unique_id" target="tags">Submit a Comment</a>

To add additional Smiles to Tags:

1. Upload the smiley to a folder called 'smilies' inside your tags folder.

2. The smiles are automatically imported once placed in that folder, That Simple.


1. If you want to change the design of the script or encorporate it into your site, you may do so via editing the header & footer files.

2. The Header & Footer Files are stored inside another file so you must edit them via the admin panel.


If you have any problems with installation or discover any bugs, please email us. Do not bother contacting us if you have modified the script in any way.Visit our tech support forums if you have any additional problems or for faster results.