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Fusion UsersOnline 1.0

Fusion UsersOnline is a popular users online PHP script for websites. The script will count the number of visitors currently visiting your site, in real time. Absoultely No delay. When a new visitor comes to your site or goes to another page, it will update, when they leave it updates also. It has excellent template system and is very user friendly. All you have to do is upload, chmod 2 files and it's done. A simple 5 second installation.

- Real Time Statistics of Visitors on your site
- Stores a All Time Record of the most Visitors online simutaneously
- Extremely Efficient, Without the use of a MySQL database
- A Great addition to any site that makes it more interactive
- Nice, Fast, Easy Installation

- None

- Fusion UsersOnline 1.0
- 3043 Downloads So Far

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