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Fusion Downloads 1.0

Download Manager is a popular download management PHP script for websites. Most commonly used accross anime websites, the script protects there 'valuable' download URLs from vicious leechers(people who link others files on there own websites is the most common definition), while at the same time, tracking the ammount of times the file has been downloaded.Some of those features are Categories, Template Management, Database Backup, and more.

- Super Powerful Antileech
- Unlimited amounts of files
- Sort files into categories
- Gateway-style downloads
- Optional force voting for Each category
- Disable downloads for certain files if they are unavaliable
- Disable downloads for entire categories if they are unavaliable
- Delete files and categories
- URL Prefix option for each category makes changing download servers easy!
- Simple editing of templates allows you to easily add file information
- Edit all templates
- Anti-leech for computers that do NOT give out HTTP_REFERER information
- Backup and Restore Download Databases.
- Support for all redirection urls such as and!
- And Much Much more!

- None

- Fusion Downloads 1.0
- 4235 Downloads So Far

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