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Q: Will you please make a script for me for free, I don't have any money.
A: The simple answer is no. If you really want a reason then we will not write a script customized to your likings for no reason.

Q: Can I link to your site from mine?
A: Sure, We have a links section, if you would like to you may link to us from your site.

Q: Can I edit these scripts that I download?
A: No, That will break the rules of agreement and we will take legal pursuit against you. Our scripts are to stay 100% intact unless stated otherwise. Custom scripts are an exception.

Q: Can I become a partner of
A: Well that's a good quesiton. Can you? If you can, go to the Become A Partner page and if your site meets the requirement, you can apply.

Q: How do I extract these files from a .ace file?
A: Well that's a good quesiton. Go and download Winace - It is a compression program similar to WinZip but much better compression.